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Kielbasa Kick-Off Sandwich

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1 Package John Morrell Polish Loop Sausage
White American cheese, sliced
French bread
BBQ sauce


Fire-up the grill. Take the Polish Loop Sausage and split in half up the middle so you have two lengths, but keep it together so it can fold. Place sausage links on grill, after a couple of minutes, place the white American cheese slices in the folds of the kielbasa, let them melt a little and add your favorite barbecue sauce on top. Cook the sausages until browned and the cheese melts, baste the links with some more sauce. Split open the French bread add more barbecue sauce if desired and add the Kielbasa Links.

Optional: If you use the Bistro Naturals Smoked Kielbasa links, Swiss cheese and a smoky barbecue sauce is a perfect compliment!

Serving Size

Serves 8