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Down & Dirty Cowboy Sushi

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2 ea. John Morrell Skinless Smoked Sausage, split in quarters lengthwise
4 ea. Spinach Tortilla, 12 or 10" will work
1 box Dirty Rice (use 3X the water, recommended in rice directions)
1 can Roasted red peppers, cut into julienne
6 ea Green onion, kept whole
1 c. Mayonnaise
3 c. Favorite Barbecue Sauce


Grill sausage strips or cook whole then cut into strips. Begin cooking rice. As mentioned using 3x’s the water then recommended to over saturate the rice and to purposely over cook the rice causing it to become sticky.
Once rice is cooked then heat wraps in the microwave for 10 sec. to become limp
Lay the wrap down and cut in half. Spread a thin even layer of rice over the wrap then lay down the sausage strip, one green onion, and some pepper strips wrap the roll tightly being careful not to tear the wrap cut the roll into ¾ “ pieces and you have your Down and Dirty Cowboy Sushi
Mix the mayo and the Barbecue together for the sauce

Serving Size

4 servings