Part of the Family Since 1827

We believe that today, more than ever, history matters.
We believe that integrity matters. And that an unwavering
respect for family and tradition should be celebrated. We want you to know the John Morrell story, because we believe it says a lot about our commitment to putting quality meats on the kitchen tables of todayís hard-working families.

A Humble Beginning

It began over 180 years ago in Bradford, England, with a crate of oranges. Yes, oranges.

Founder George Morrell grew up in poverty, a wool comber by trade. In 1827, at the age of 39, he and his wife received a small inheritance ñ about sixty English Pounds. After paying their debts, they were left with just a tiny sum, with which George Morrell purchased a small parcel of oranges from a canal boat. He quickly took his fruit to the local open-air street markets, and from this small beginning George Morrell became a thriving fruit merchant.


A Passion Discovered

Then in 1830, he began curing hams and bacon, in addition to adding other provisions, and before long Morrellís Yorkshire Hams and Bacon had become recognized as the gold standard across Great Britain. George Morrell had found his calling.

A Reputation For Quality

Around 1842, Georgeís son John Morrell took over leadership of the thriving company, and by 1864 John Morrell had established operations in Ireland and the United States. Yet, even as the company grew, John Morrell became evermore vigilant about maintaining the highest standards of quality. After all, there was a sterling reputation to be upheld. A tradition to be respected. A family name to be honored.

ìThe size of the business has never been a prime factor in the Morrell tradition. To build solidly rather than swiftly, to produce quality rather than quantity has always been the dominant policy.î - The Story of Morrellís First Century, 1927


John Morrell Today

These principles ring as true for John Morrell today as they did back then. With families in mind, todayís John Morrell offers a wide array of quality meats including fresh pork, premium boneless and bone-in hams, hardwood smoked bacon, smoked sausage, homestyle-carved lunchmeats and hot dogs.


We respect our rich traditions. But most of all, we respect yours. And we will remain dedicated to the hardworking families who have come to trust the quality, consistency and value of John Morrell meats.

We hope to be a part of your family history
for generations to come.